Amazing! Watch this LGBT Cape Town couple’s beautiful marriage proposal


A young dancer was amazed when her same-sex partner asked to marry her in front of the audience at one of her performances.

In late April, Raylin Robertson, a part time trainee with Cape Town’s New World Dance Theatre company, took part in a show at the UCT School of Dance.

After she finished the performance alongside the other dancers, and the audience stood up to clap and applaud, the directors of the company unexpectedly presented her with a certificate of leadership.

A confused Robertson was told that there was one more surprise. She then saw audience members standing up and holding word cards that read out: Raylin, will you marry me?”

Her partner of more than two years, sound technician Cassi Bianca Lowers, then stepped up, got down on one knee, and held up a box with a ring. The tearful Robertson immediately said yes as the audience and other dancers erupted in joy.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” a happy Robertson told Mambaonline. “I think I was in shock and my immediate response was to cry and laugh at the same time. She [Lowers] had been in contact with the directors of the company to help plan the proposal.”

Robertson explained that her fiancée chose that moment to propose to her because, “she just wanted to combine my passion and love for dance with our love for each other”.

Pics by Lloyd Lottering

The performance and proposal were beautifully captured on video and posted online this week. “It felt like it was a scene from a movie,” said Robertson. “Thinking back on it now and watching the video, it really was something special.”

The couple first met many years ago when Lowers was friends with Robertson’s brother, but their romance only flourished after they ran into each other again at a gay party in 2014.

While Lowers’ family has been extremely supportive of the relationship, Robertson’s own family is sadly less so. “They still have to come around,” she said. “My brother is very accepting though, so I love that. We both hope that they’ll come around eventually.”

The couple plan to tie the knot within the next couple of years. Watch the moving proposal video below.

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