Stars Thishiwe & Mandisa talk about their same-sex love


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Actresses Thishiwe Ziqubu (32) and Mandisa Nduna (26) have appeared on SABC3 talk show WTF with Tumi to discuss their romance and ‘coming out’.

Over the past year, the gorgeous stars have been proudly and unapologetically affirming their same-sex love on social media.

They’ve scandalised prudes and homophobes with a series of semi-nude sensual images and videos that made no bones about their sexuality and their love for each other.

The groundbreaking couple told host Tumi Morake that they had never specifically decided to come out but were simply living their authentic lives (in the process, effectively becoming major LGBT role models).

“It wasn’t a conscious decision to come out because if we were a heterosexual couple we wouldn’t have to do that,” Mandisa said, reported Times Live.

“When Cassper and Boity were together, they didn’t have to sit everybody down and say; ‘this is who we are. We chose to be together because of a, b and c. I am all about expressing my relationships so it was a natural thing to post selfies together,” she explained.

Pic: WTF with Tumi

Mandisa argued that at times the act of ‘coming out’ can be for the benefit of others instead of for the LGBT person. “It is all to make heterosexual people feel comfortable like I need to explain myself to you. All we are trying to do is live. All we are trying to do is love,” she said.

Thishiwe is known for her roles in the TV dramas It’s Complicated and The Imposter as well as the LGBT film While You Weren’t Looking, while Mandisa has starred in films like Between Friends and the drama series Hustle.

The stylish and super talented duo has been nominated in the category of Cutest Couple of the Year in the 2017 Feather Awards, which takes place on Thursday.


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Hidden figures.

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