Disbelief as Trump hails gay rights amid fears of new anti-LGBTQ measure


President Donald Trump has asserted the equal rights of gays and lesbians amid reports that he’s planning to once again attack the LGBTQ community.

On Wednesday, the Log Cabin Republicans revealed that Trump had sent them a letter last month congratulating the group on its 40th anniversary.

The organisation works within the Republican Party, which has a reputation for opposing the equality of sexual and gender minorities, to advocate equal rights for LGBTQ people in the United States.

In his letter, Trump stated: “We are a Nation founded on the undeniable truth that all of us are created equal. We are equal in the eyes of our Creator. We are equal under the law. And we are all equal under our Constitution.”

He continued: “No matter the color of our skin or our sexual orientation, we all live under the same laws, salute the same great American flag, and are made in the image of the same Almighty God.

“As we write the next great chapter of our Nation, we reaffirm our commitment to these fundamental truths and will work to ensure that all Americans live in a country where they feel safe and where their opportunities are limitless.”

Trump added: “Melania joins me in sending our best wishes during this special milestone.”

The organisation responded on Facebook: “Thank you to President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for your kind commemoration of Log Cabin Republicans and best wishes for our future as we forge ahead, together, toward a more equal America.”

Despite his claimed support for LGBTQ equality, Politico reported, also on Wednesday, that the White House is reviewing a proposed Department of Health and Human Services regulation that would allow medical providers to refuse to perform abortions, treat transgender patients based on their gender identity, or provide any service if they claim a “moral” or religious objection.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said that, if adopted, the proposal “would be another harmful attack on LGBTQ people by Donald Trump” and Vice President Mike Pence.

“Health care workers have a professional and ethical obligation to provide health care to all who need it,” insisted Sarah Warbelow, HRC Legal Director.

“Every American deserves access to medically necessary health care, and that health care should not be determined by the personal opinions of individual health care providers or administrative staff. The Human Rights Campaign will fight this proposed rule – and all others like it – that seek to devalue the humanity of LGBTQ people.”

The reported possible proposal would be in line with the Trump Administration’s past attacks on LGBTQ equality. It has, for example, consistently defended “religious freedom” as a justification for discrimination against the community.

Trump has also attempted to ban transgender people from serving in the US military, a move which has, for now, been blocked by the courts.

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