Report: More human remains found in Toronto gay serial killer case


Bruce McArthur (Pic: Facebook)

The Canadian media have reported that more human remains have been found near the home of a client of alleged Toronto gay serial killer Bruce McArthur.

McArthur has been linked to the murder of eight men, almost all of whom disappeared from the city’s gay village, over the past decade.

It’s alleged that McArthur, a 66-year-old landscaper, disposed of the remains of his victims in pots and planters and possibly in gardens in which he worked.

On Friday, police confirmed that they had found more remains in a ravine next to a house belonging to one of McArthur’s clients. It’s understood that the client allowed him to store supplies and equipment on their property.

The remains are now being tested in an effort to identify to whom they belong. It is possible that the body parts are from the already known victims or from others possible victims.

“The best-case scenario is those remains that we’ve recovered are matched up to remains we’ve already recovered,” said lead investigator Hank Idsinga, reports The Province. Police, helped by sniffer dogs, will continue to search the area.

It’s been claimed that McArthur met some of his victims – who ranged from a homeless sex worker to a closeted family man – on dating apps.

The authorities became suspicious in September last year that McArthur may have been involved with the spate of disappearances. On 18 January, officers saw him taking a man into his apartment. They burst into the residence and found the potential victim bound to a bed, allegedly in imminent danger.

Police have been criticised for earlier rejecting the idea that a serial killer was on the prowl in Toronto, despite repeated warnings from members of the LGBTQ community. They have also been accused of racism for not being more active in the investigation because most of the victims were of South Asian and Middle Eastern origin.

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