Pakistan | Horror video emerges of transgender woman who was burned alive


Transgender activists in Pakistan (Facebook / Trans Action Pakistan)

In another LGBTQ hate crime in Pakistan, a shocking video has emerged of a dying transgender woman in agony after being burned alive because she fought off a group of sexual predators.

The disturbing video shows the individual wailing in pain after suffering severe burns in the city of Sahiwal. According to the organisation Trans Action Pakistan, 80 percent of her body was burned.

She was rushed to hospital where she died. No one has claimed her body and it was handed over to the municipal authorities for burial. The graphic video has been posted on social media but MambaOnline has chosen not to share it

Pakistan Today reported that the attack took place on Thursday 6 September. Police said the woman was accosted by four men near a taxi rank who attempted to sexually assault her. It’s believed that after she resisted the men, they doused her in petrol and set her alight.

“This is not the last breath of our transgender sister, who is burnt alive in Pakistan,” said Trans Action Pakistan in a statement on Facebook.

“It is the last breath of the decaying legal system and poor political will of the government. Who is our protector in Pakistan? Where are our rights? We are not sub humans but forced to live the life of sub humans.”

Transgender individuals face social stigma, commonly struggle to find employment and are often forced to make a living as entertainers or as sex workers in Pakistan.

They are also the victims of brutal assaults and murders, especially in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Last month, a transgender woman named Nazo was tortured and shot dead and her body was dismembered by two men. At the time, Trans Action Pakistan said it had documented 62 murders and 1,133 violent attacks against the transgender community in the province since 2015.

In May, the country passed a landmark anti-discrimination law, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, to affirm the rights of transgender people, but activists say that the authorities have failed to action to ensure that these rights are enforced.

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