Bishop says women have gay children because they had anal sex


The Bishop of Morfou (YouTube)

A senior cleric in Cyprus has sparked both fury and disbelief by claiming that women who enjoy anal sex will have gay children.

The group Accept – LGBTI Cyprus shared a YouTube video of the Bishop of Morfou of the Church of Cyprus addressing people at a primary school in Akaki, Cyprus last month.

In the speech, the bishop attempted to “explain” how homosexuality comes about in men, according to the writings of the Greek Saint Porfyrios.

“It is a problem, which is usually transmitted by parents to the child,” the bishop said. He asserted that this happens when a pregnant woman has “unnatural” [anal] sex.

The bishop went on to explain further that if the woman actually enjoys this kind of sex, “a desire is created, which is then transmitted to the unborn child.”

Accept – LGBTI Cyprus mockingly responded to the statement with, “And of course, that is scientifically proven!” and asked, “How are lesbians created?”

Social media users also reacted with a mix of disbelief, humour and fury. One woman commented: “I didn’t know what I should be sad/angry about at first. The idea that anal sex during pregnancy is the cause of homosexuality in men? Or the blatantly sexist remark that it’s the woman’s fault because she enjoyed it?”

Another man added that listening to the bishop’s words led him to the question: “How to create a vegan? Me – eating legumes at the time of the mother’s anal sex … that’s all.”

Heavily influenced by the socially conservative Greek Orthodox Church, Cyprus has traditionally lagged behind most other European nations when it comes to LGBTQ equality. In its 2019 Rainbow Europe report, Ilga Europe ranked Cyprus at no 33 out of a list of 49 countries.

While same-sex couples in Cyprus can register their relationships as civil unions, they do not have access to full marriage equality. They also do not have the right to adopt children.

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