LA becomes largest US city to include LGBT businesses in contracts


Los Angeles (Pic: Adoramassey)

The City of Los Angeles has approved a policy to include LGBT businesses in contracting and procurement opportunities, as well as capacity building and educational programs from small businesses.

This policy makes Los Angeles the largest city in America to formally include certified LGBT-owned businesses in municipal contracting and procurement opportunities, a best practice of the private sector and of an ever-growing number of states and municipalities.

This landmark policy for the City of Los Angeles was enacted thanks to the advocacy of America’s National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and its local affiliate chamber partner, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (LAGLCC).

“For LGBT citizens of LA, this inclusive policy provides fair and equal access to contracting opportunities and economic development programs that drive innovation, create jobs, and promote economic growth throughout the region,” stated the NGLCC.

According to the organisation, LGBT-owned businesses contribute substantially to the $1.7 trillion dollars that the LGBT business community puts into the national economy. As one of its functions, the NGLCC, which represents the LGBT business community, certifies businesses as LGBT-owned.

“California has a legacy of leadership in promoting inclusivity at every level of public life,” commented NGLCC Co-Founder & President Justin Nelson.

“Now, history has been made here in Los Angeles, and this victory for inclusivity has once again proved our core values that ‘diversity is good for business’ and that ‘if you can buy it, a certified LGBT-owned business can supply it.’”

Marquita Thomas, Executive Director of LAGLCC, added: “If the second-largest economy in America can see that including our innovative businesses is the right thing to do, nothing should stop other major cities and the federal government from doing what we’ve accomplished here in LA.”

The NGLCC is the world’s largest global advocacy organisation specifically dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people. In South Africa, it has supported the formation of Plus, the LGBTI+ Business Network.

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