Malawi churches to protest against same-sex unions


Homophobic church groups in Malawi are campaigning against same-sex unions, labelling them as ungodly, unnatural, and culturally unacceptable.

The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) and the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC) National Secretariats have called upon their members to participate in a march and prayer event “in defence of the family and human sexuality.”

The march is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 13 July, across all districts in the southeastern African country and will include other faith groups, such as the Muslim Association of Malawi. The organisations aim to present petitions to local government officials.

Stance Against Same-Sex Unions

“As Churches, we believe that sexual acts are only permissible between man and woman (married partners),” said the organisations. “Hence we would like to make it clear that same-sex unions are ungodly, unnatural, and culturally unacceptable and a direct perversion of God’s ordained order of family.”

The EAM and the MCC reaffirmed their position against the legalisation “of acts which directly threaten the existence of the family in this country” and urged Malawians “to stand and protect the family.”

The churches called on all religious leaders to prioritise prayers and teachings on family matters from 14 to 16 July. During worship services, leaders are encouraged to address their congregations from the pulpit, reaffirming their position against same-sex unions.

Adhering to “Divine Order”

The organisers warned that disregarding “the divine order” of marriage, which they believe should only be between two people of opposite sexes, will displease God.

“Malawi cannot afford to take a rebellious path of disobedience to God at a time when we need Him most to heal our nation,” they added.

Under the Malawi Penal Code, homosexuality is outlawed, carrying penalties of up to 14 years in prison. Last month, the LGBTQ group Nyasa Rainbow Alliance (NRA) experienced a burglary and robbery.

The organisation is currently involved in a high-profile case concerning Jana Gonani, a transgender woman who was sentenced to eight years in prison under the laws criminalising same-sex relationships.

The NRA is also challenging the government’s refusal to register it as an organisation in the courts. Malwai held its first Pride March in June 2021.

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