Red, White & Royal Blue: The gay romcom everyone’s talking about


The gay romcom tells the unlikely love story between a British prince and the son of a US president

The new gay romcom, Red, White & Royal Blue, has become a pop culture sensation. Here’s a peek into the story that has everyone buzzing and where you can catch this delightful flick!

A Love Story Fit for Royalty

Directed by Matthew Lopez, Red, White & Royal Blue paints a vibrant tale of an unexpected romance between Alex (Taylor Zakhar Perez), the charismatic son of the President of the United States, and the charming British Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine).

Adapted from Casey McQuiston’s beloved 2019 gay romance novel of the same name, this film has skyrocketed into the spotlight, becoming one of the most talked-about queer films in recent memory. Think of it as the Harry and Meghan romance, but with a fabulously gay twist!

The Buzz and Brilliance

Viewers have fallen head over heels for the film’s polished production, endearing characters, stunningly attractive cast, and heartwarming vibes. While a few critics might label it as light fare without earth-shattering depth, the sizzling chemistry between the leading actors and the movie’s unapologetic escapism cements its place as an entertaining gay romcom classic.

López shared with Buzzfeed that the gloomy cloud of the Covid pandemic era motivated him to embark on a project that exudes lightness and positivity.

“There’s an incredible sense of hope in the book, and I wanted to immerse myself in that joy and fantasy. So, the timing was absolutely crucial! If I’d encountered it a couple of years earlier, I might have opted for something less amusing. Yet, I was genuinely craving sweetness, kindness, love, and sincerity. That’s what drew me to this project.”

A Steamy Gay Romcom

One of Red, White & Royal Blue’s most discussed elements happens to be its steamy sex scene. It appears that some heterosexual individuals were apparently taken aback to realise that gay men can have sex in the missionary position!

López explained to Digital Spy, “Their sexual intimacy is a powerful facet of their connection in the book. I was keen to depict something I hadn’t often seen in mainstream cinema – passionate and connected sex between two men that resonates emotionally.”

The director and actors worked with an intimacy coach to ensure that the sex scenes were depicted authentically and that the stars always felt safe and comfortable.

López continued, “Right from the start, I made it clear to the studio that we wouldn’t shy away from this scene. No gimmicks. We’d keep it authentic and truthful, reflecting the way two men genuinely share intimacy.”

Yearning for More

Fans are already clamouring for a sequel. While there are currently no confirmed plans for a follow-up on the big screen, Casey McQuiston, the book’s talented author, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of more adventures featuring these beloved characters.

“I’ve got a treasure trove of ideas for stories set in this universe and would jump at the chance to delve into them one day. I’d be surprised if we’ve seen the last of Henry,” McQuiston hinted in an interview with Hello Magazine back in 2019.

Where to Catch the Magic

Ready to be swept off your feet? Red, White & Royal Blue is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. So, grab your popcorn and prepare for a heartwarming and hilarious journey into the world of modern queer romance and love.

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