It’s a Queer Christmas: Local Feels, Global Vibes


The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to get the festive party started than with a playlist filled with fabulous songs by local LGBTQ+ artists from South Africa, the broader African region and the world at large?

From catchy beats to soulful melodies, these artists bring a unique flavour to the holiday spirit. So, let’s dive into the tunes that need to be on your festive playlist for a truly queer Christmas celebration.

Getting the Party Started!

From a Distance

Troy Sivan
• Got Me Started
• One of Your Girls
• Rush

Dua Saleh
Daylight Falls
• Body Cast

Angel Ho
Like a Girl
• Muva
• For Fun

MX Blouse
• No Match
• Abangani

Dope Saint Jude
Go High Go Low
• Alphas
• For You
• You’re Gonna Make It
• Home

Desire X
Forget Me
• Addicted

These local South African tracks encompass a variety of genres and styles, from the energetic beats of Faka to the ethereal sounds of MX Blouse. Each song is a testament to the diverse and vibrant queer music scene in the region. From dance anthems to introspective tunes, this playlist has something for everyone.

More Local Flavour:

• Nakhane – Clairvoyant
• Toya Delazy – London Town
• Beatenberg – Pluto (Remember You)
• Moonchild Sanelly – Bashiri
• Umlilo – Reciprocity
• Thandiswa Mazwai – Ingoma
• Langa Mavuso – Panther
• Zoe Modiga – Inganekwane

From Toya Delazy’s energetic beats to the soul-stirring vocals of Langa Mavuso, these local queer artists bring their unique perspectives to the holiday season, adding a touch of South African flair to your festive playlist.
Now, as we wrap up the local celebration, let’s transition to the international scene, bringing in iconic queer Christmas hits to round off your holiday party.

International Queer Christmas Hits

Elton John:
Step Into Christmas
• Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who’d Be a Turkey at Christmas)

She Won’t Be Home
• God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

George Michael:
December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)

Kylie Minogue:
Every Day’s Like Christmas

Santa Baby

Stuck in the Middle

Queen (Freddie Mercury):
Thank God It’s Christmas

Christmas Cookies
• Deck the Halls (featuring Todrick Hall)

Sam Smith:
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Santa’s Coming For Us
• Snowman

Tegan and Sara:
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)

Todrick Hall:
 Boys in the Ocean

Wham! (George Michael):
Last Christmas

With these international hits, your playlist will have the perfect blend of local African beats and global queer anthems. So, as you gather with friends and family, let the festive tunes of both local and international LGBTQ+ artists fill the air, creating a truly inclusive and joyous holiday celebration. Wishing you all a queer and fabulous festive season!

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