Uganda: Stabbed LGBTIQ+ activist Steven Kabuye recovering


Steven Kabuye received emergency medical treatment after being stabbed in Uganda (Photo: Steven Kabuye / X)

Steven Kabuye, the Ugandan LGBTIQ+ activist who suffered severe knife wounds in a suspected homophobic hate crime, has had to seek further medical attention outside of the country.

Kabuye, who had reported receiving death threats, was ambushed by two assailants on a motorcycle on January 3, a short distance from his residence as he headed to work.

The attackers, wearing helmets, swiftly approached, with the passenger dismounting and launching a knife attack. The 25-year-old activist sustained a deep wound on his arm, spanning from elbow to wrist, and was left with a knife embedded in his abdomen.

In critical condition, Kabuye received emergency medical attention at Namulundu Medical Centre in Kampala. Kabuye has since updated his followers about his conduction on X.

“Traveled abroad to seek further medical attention as recommended by my doctors,” he tweeted.

Steven Kabuye Urges International Solidarity

Kabuye, updating his condition on social media, expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support: “I’m lucky to be still alive today. Thanks to the Ugandan and international LGBTQI+ community and the international media and all allies out there that made sure I get the first treatment to get my life out of danger.”

He urged the world “not to give up on LGBTQI+ Ugandans. Support and stand with them. This battle didn’t start today and won’t end tomorrow. Aluta Continua when I’m healed.”

Human rights group Chapter Four Uganda called on the police to conduct a transparent investigation into the attack “using a human rights and anti-discrimination approach to bring the assailants to justice.” It added: “End hate crimes and discrimination in all forms.”

Condemnation and Fundraising Campaign

The attack is part of a concerning trend, with an increase in anti-LGBTIQ+ incidents following the enactment of Uganda’s draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill in May.

Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS, condemned the incident and demanded justice for Kabuye.

“We are witnessing evictions, job terminations, death threats, assaults and other crimes all driven by hate since Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law was passed. Sad! Stop the hate! Embrace and love,” she shared on X.

To support Steven Kabuye’s recovery and cover medical costs, an online fundraising campaign has been initiated, reflecting the international solidarity aimed at aiding the activist’s healing process.

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