LGBTIQ+ activist in horrific knife attack in Uganda


Steven Kabuye, an LGBTIQ+ activist in Uganda, received emergency medical treatment after being stabbed (Photo: Steven Kabuye / X)

Steven Kabuye, a prominent LGBTIQ+ activist in Uganda, has been brutally attacked and left in critical condition with severe knife wounds.

A graphic video shared online shows Kabuye lying on the ground in agony with a deep gash on his arm, from elbow to wrist, and a knife embedded in his abdomen.

The attack, allegedly unprovoked, occurred a short distance from his home as he was heading to work. Kabuye documented the horrifying aftermath and posted the video on social media.

A subsequent video revealed him receiving medical treatment at Namulundu Medical Centre in Kampala.

Journalist Daniel Lutaaya tweeted that Kabuye – who is from the organisation Coloured Voice Media Foundation – Truth to LGBTQ Uganda – had undergone emergency medical procedures.

Chilling Aftermath and Social Media Response

The disturbing nature of the attack was evident in the graphic images shared by Kabuye. Lutaaya, however, was forced to defend his report on the incident after some individuals on social media claimed that the attack had been fabricated to generate sympathy for the LGBTIQ+ community.

“I interviewed a health worker there and she confirmed the stabbing. I really tried to do my job as a journalist,” he tweeted.

“You on the other hand say the man wasn’t stabbed, but haven’t presented any alternative facts or evidence. Go there and disprove me. I am waiting,” said Lutaaya.

Spike in Hate and Calls for Investigation

Fellow Ugandan activist Frank Mugisha expressed hope for Kabuye’s full recovery. “Hatred and hate crimes have no place in Uganda. We urge the police to conduct a thorough investigation,” he said.

The attack follows a reported spike in anti-LGBTIQ+ incidents since President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law in May.

The draconian law imposes severe penalties including life imprisonment for engaging in homosexual acts and the death penalty for “aggravated” homosexuality. The law is being challenged in the country’s Constitutional Court.

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