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Embrace Your Inner Acid Queen: How to Manage Your Mean Streak: We all have a shady side. Bruce J. Little explores the archetype of the vicious bitch and how to navigate your queer mean streak.
Behind the Scenes: Adventures of the Prostate Gland: A big fuss about a walnut-sized gland? It's time to bring prostate health into the light and out from where the sun doesn’t shine.
We Need to Talk About Butt Stuff: As primordial cave paintings and ancient Greek crockery show, we've been doing it forever. So why the stigma and taboo, asks Bruce J Little.
Queer Dating: The Crotch Shot Conundrum: It seems like everyone's sharing selfies of their crotch candy these days. Bruce J Little looks at the ins and outs and etiquette of dick pics.
Queer Life: You Need Friends and Benefits: We're in the midst of a queer loneliness epidemic. Bruce J. Little looks at the benefits of making friends, even in steambaths!
Opinion: Dodging the dodgy old queen stereotype: I can appreciate the beauty of youth as much as the next 40+ gay man, but I want to be someone that younger gay men can feel safe around.
Sex – Why I’m Glad I Waited: Gay men can feel pressure to jump into sex as soon as we exit the closet. But this may not be right for everyone, argues Bruce J. Little.
Sex stuffed but intimacy starved?: Gay men seem to be experiencing an intimacy shortage to rival the electricity, writes Bruce J. Little. Are we selling ourselves short?
Opinion | Dealing with my ‘Dis-Moffie-Ja’: I look in the mirror and there’s a knot in my stomach because of the bit of padding that I see on
Here’s how you can you use PrEP on-demand for one night of pleasure: The PrEP revolution continues to evolve. PrEP on demand is a new way to use the HIV prevention pill which may be more cost-effective for those who buy their own.