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TRANSAMERICA: Oscar Nominated Felicity Huffman undergoes an amazing transformation to become Bree, a transsexual forced to deal with a son she didn’t know she had.
BREAKFAST ON PLUTO: Breakfast On Plutoexplores the subject of guys in girl's dresses, but this time the material is allowed to take on a magical fairytale quality.
GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS: Elijah “Frodo” Woods takes on some real challenges in dreary old England as he fights off wave after wave of football fanatics in Green Street Hooligans.
DERAILED: Derailed, while being another formula driven Hollywood film, has some edge-of-your-seat moments and is not quite the train wreck that same have said it is.
TSOTSI: The acclaimed Tsotsi is a beautiful piece of cinema to look at, but when he gets into the nitty-gritty of things, Christo Oberholzer wonders if it really deserves the Oscar.
LGBT SHELTER TO BE LAUNCHED: A crisis shelter for members of the LGBT community is being established in Cape Town – a first in Africa.
MUNICH: With Munich, Spielberg demonstrates that he is as brilliantly skilled as ever in the craft of filmmaking. Sadly, the subject matter lets this film down for Christo Oberholzer.
WALK THE LINE: Christo Oberholzer ‘walks the line’ with Johnny Cash, but finds something epic lacking in the filmic telling of the country legend’s life.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005): The Chronicles of Narnia is the best holiday film of the year and will definitely convince you to get back into the closet… errr, wardrobe.
KING KONG: With King Kong, director Peter Jackson proves that he is the master of the epic-blockbuster. He also proves that he doesn’t seem to have an original idea in his body.