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MPS overwhelmingly back move to amend discriminatory Civil Union Act: A Bill to amend the Civil Union Act so that Home Affairs marriage officers can no longer opt out of marrying same-sex couples is a step closer to becoming law.
Uproar over straight actor Jack Whitehall playing Disney gay character: British actor and comedian Jack Whitehall has been caught up in a backlash after it was revealed that he is playing the 'first' major openly gay character in a live action Disney film.
Mr Gay Europe and Poznan Pride marred by anti-LGBTQ hate: Mr Gay Europe and the Poznan Pride celebrations in Poland over the weekend were marred by anti-LGBTQ protests.
Team SA makes a splash at the Gay Games in Paris: South Africa is fielding six participants at the 10th Gay Games in Paris, joining around 10,000 other people from 91 countries around the world.
President Museveni says West ‘imposing’ homosexuality on Uganda: Uganda's President Museveni has been awarded a global peace prize, taking the opportunity to repeat tired and baseless claims that Western countries are forcing homosexuality onto Africans.
Mom’s horror as Durban teen hangs himself after principal calls him gay: Matthew Joash David, a 17-year-old Durban teenager, was found hanging by his mother after he was allegedly bullied and called gay and a pervert¬†by his school principal.
Editorial | Pastor Bougardt’s gay hate speech Equality Court case is a farce: The years-long Equality Court matter against gay hate pastor Oscar Bougardt has become a travesty and illustrates the deep deficiencies of the Equality Court system.
Siya Khumalo on God and queerness: The Mamba Interview: Siya Khumalo's provocative new book, You Have To Be Gay To Know God, has been both acclaimed and condemned. He sat down with Mambaonline to talk about being queer and Christian in South Africa.
Gender Equality Commission joins landmark NG Kerk gay unions case: Eleven members of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC – also known as the
Fired lesbian minister ends legal action against Methodist Church of SA: After a titanic seven year struggle, Ecclesia de Lange has ended her