A POPCORN WINTER: Hollywood’s summer blockbuster season is about to kick off, so expect a batch of big budget films this winter; all aimed at getting us back into cinemas. We preview what’s coming up on the big screen.
WHEN A LOVER CHEATS: PART 1: Relationship repair for gay couples. Brian Rzepczynski offers advice and counsel on what to do when a monogamous relationship is put at risk after a partner strays.
CELEBRITY GOSSIP: Nick Lachey’s soul-baring tearful interview, Kylie’s progress, George Michael’s dope smoking, Janet’s weight-loss and Will and Grace’s final parting of ways. Get your fresh gossip here!
PONDERING ONLINE DATING: “Has anyone found true love online, why does no-one actually read your profile, and why-oh-why do the flabbiest of men feel the need to graphically expose themselves?“, asks a perplexed Freddy Le Man.
TRAVEL: PINK KNYSNA: Gavin Hayward revisits Knysna and discovers that it’s become a trendy hotspot - especially during the upcoming Pink Loerie Festival. Win a fab Pink Loerie package, including accommodation!
MAMBA SPINS: Mambaonline takes a listen to CD releases by John Legend, Shakira, the Cardigans, the Strokes, James Blunt, Enya, Neil Diamond, local crooner Philip De Villiers and more.
SO VERY GOODE: Mambaonline meets the oh-so-funky Roger Goode - king of the South African dance music scene. He muses on his rise to fame, the state of the local club scene and where the future will take him.
HAYDEN’S HIV DIARY: THE FAME FACTOR: The limelight versus social responsibility. Hayden Horner looks at the influence celebrities can have by disclosing their HIV status.
CELEBRITY GOSSIP: A hot new gay band causes a stir, Beyonce set to save Whitney, Robbie Williams arrives, Bradgelina under threat, Sharon Stone’s economy class baby gaffe and more on the insane lives of the stars.
WITH GREAT POWER…: Sir Ian McKellen, Ellen Degeneres and Melissa Etheridge have all done it with little ill effect. Do closeted celebrities owe it to their public to come out, asks Josh Aterovis?
MAMBA MOTORING: The new Audi Q7, SEAT’s entry into the SA market and a look at the startlingly unattractive Kyron SUV. In our new monthly feature, Christo Valentyn rounds up the latest local motoring news.
DADDY DEAREST: Sure, we might have fought for the right to adopt, but is not having children the new cardinal sin in ‘gayworld’? “I'm just not the daddy type,” admits Jimmy Palmieri.
MAMBA SPINS: THE GREATEST HITS: So what makes a ‘Greatest Hits’ collection worthy of the title? Christo Valentyn looks at the phenomenon of never-ending ‘best of’ releases, and recommends a selection of worthy Greatest Hits CDs now on the shelves.
FLIRT LIKE A SUPERSTAR!: Contrary to the image of gay men as natural charmers, many of us struggle with the art of flirting. Brian Rzepczynski offers some useful tips on how to make 'first contact'.
CELEBRITY GOSSIP: KZN has the 'best' men, Superman’s audition secrets, Will Young’s ballet tights, Clay’s angry fans, and the new (apparently) naked James Bond. Get your dirt here!
MAMBA TRAVEL: BARCELONA: Paul Tilly confirms that the ‘brazen’ men in Spain are indeed far from being plain, as he recounts his all too brief ‘reign’ in the magical city of Barcelona.
CRASH ON OSCAR MOUNTAIN: Homophobia or beaten fair and square? Brian W. Fairbanks takes a swipe at the Academy Awards for recently denying Brokeback Mountain the Oscar.
JOBURG PRIDE SURVEY: Joburg Pride celebrates its 17th year in 2006! Have your say on what form Pride should take by taking part in this comprehensive survey.
CELEBRITY GOSSIP: Dirt on the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party, Boy George’s prison escape, Madonna’s awkward parenting moment, Jake Gyllenhaal’s drunken antics, and another celeb nudie pic scandal.
THE EX FACTOR: Freddy Le Man bumps into his ‘ex’ after three years of not seeing him, and wonders, can you ever really get over a serious heartbreaker?