Singer Robbie Klay

The Pretoria High Court has granted Afrikaans singer Jurie Els access to the diary of his accuser, singer Robbie Klay.

Els had earlier asked the courts to provide him and his legal team more details on the claims that he abused singer Robbie Klay, who is now 23, as a child.

He said that Klay’s charges that he repeatedly molested the then-under-age singer over a number of years are too vague and seemed to change over time.

The court also granted Els’ defence team the right to examine two computers that were used to draft Klay’s police statement and a press release.

The high profile trail is set to start on Monday after charges were laid by Klay in February last year.

Klay has claimed that he and Els engaged in “oral sex, masturbation up to three times a day, pornography and nude photographs” for over seven years, starting from when he was ten.

Klay’s legal team also announced in August that it plans to initiate a civil claim against Els once the criminal trial has concluded, regardless of the outcome.

Koos van Rensburg, Klay’s legal adviser, declined to tell Beeld how much they would claim but said that “we’re not talking about hundreds of thousands of rands here, rather millions”.

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