Tom Daley

Tom Daley

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has said that he’s chuffed at being recently voted the sexiest man in the world by readers of a gay magazine.

Last month, the 19-year-old sports stars was crowned the ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ by Attitude magazine in London.

He beat out a host of other male celebrities including David Beckham (2nd place), Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill (3rd place), Prince Harry (4th) and One Direction’s Zayn Malik (5th).

Speaking to Digital Spy, Daley said that winning the honour was “surreal”, but “very cool”.

He went on to say: “It’s cool, any support I appreciate. Everyone’s been so supportive. [The voters] are the people cheering me on during the Olympics, these are the people that give me extra motivation during training. I really appreciate it.”

Daley added that thanks to his rigorous training schedule he didn’t have much time to worry about his sex symbol status, but commented that “you do feel like you’re being constantly watched and looked at”.

Daley is branching out into other work. Earlier this year he was the expert mentor in Splash! a reality television series that followed celebrities as they tried to master the art of diving.

He’ll next be a presenter at Nickelodeon’s Fruit Shoot Skills Awards next month, and is set to feature in a new reality travel show, tentatively titled Tom Daley Takes On The World.

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