gay_group_activists_attacked_in_haitiAmnesty International has reported a violent attack on the offices of a gay rights group in Haiti, says AP.

According to the organisation, three men wielding guns and machetes burst into the offices of the Kouraj organisation in Port-au-Prince.

They beat and tied up two members of the group, ransacked the premises and stole computer equipment.

Among the stolen items was confidential information about the group’s members.

In June and July the organisation received numerous threats linked to a march by a coalition of religious and “moral” organisations protesting against homosexuality and LGBT rights, supported by thousands of people.

Kouraj received threatening leaflets at its premises with messages like “we don’t need groups like Kouraj in Haiti”.

Charlot Jeudy, president of Kouraj, was directly targeted in some of the threats. One of the leaflets stated: “If Charlot doesn’t shut his mouth, we’ll shut it for him”

He also received threats on social media and anonymous calls accusing homosexuals of being the source of the country’s problems, including the 2010 earthquake which struck Haiti and killed 200,000 people.

Fearing for their members’ safety, Kouraj was forced to temporarily close its offices.

While homosexuality is not criminalised in Haiti, LGBT people face widespread social discrimination and intolerance. Same-sex relationships have no legal recognition.

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