Ricky Nathanson (Facebook)

Ricky Nathanson (Facebook)

A Zimbabwe transgender woman, arrested for using a women’s toilet, has been threatened by youth members of Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.

According to Newzimbabwe.com, Ricky Nathanson (48), described as a “well-known gay activist” who “sports female dresses and make-up” was detained by the thugs for using the bathroom at the Palace Hotel in Bulawayo.

They then took her to the police, after which she was taken to a local hospital where it was confirmed that she is biologically male, resulting in criminal charges of committing “criminal nuisance” being laid against her.

“Some threats were made against Nathanson when he appeared in court and this was done by the complainant Farai Mteliso and other Zanu PF youths within the court premises,” Nathanson’s lawyer, Tanaka Muganyi, told magistrate Abednico Ndebele on Tuesday.

“As we speak he has left his place of residence fearing for his life because the threats were not specified. We would want the complainant to be warned,” said Muganyi.

The magistrate issued a warrant of arrest for Mteliso, who was one of the men who took Nathanson to the authorities, and he was warned to stay away from her. The case continues on February 4.

“To everyone out there, thanks so much [for the] outpouring of your love and support during these last most awful and trying 5 days. Love you all!!!” wrote Nathanson on Facebook on Tuesday.

Chesterfield Samba, Director of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), commented on her page: “Sending you strength in these challenging times. I admire you for standing up for what is RIGHT.”

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