adopted_italian_teen_dumped_for_being_gayA 14-year-old Italian boy has been rejected by his adoptive parents – simply for being gay.

Il Messaggero last week reported on the tragic plight of the teen, identified as Luke (not his real name), who was abandoned by his biological parents as a baby and was put up for adoption.

As he grew up, he not only suffered homophobic abuse and bullying from his peers but also from his new adoptive parents.

They decided that the issue of his sexuality simply “creates too many problems.”

“We cannot handle it,” they were quoted as saying. “Everyone says to us why do you bother?”

Instead of supporting the young boy, they returned Luke back to the adoption home. He is now searching for new parents, for the second time.

“Two fathers and two mothers in two different moments of his short life have dumped him like a dog whose owner does not want to take better care of him because he’s dirty, annoys with his barking and is too much effort,” wrote Il Messaggero’s outraged Marida Lombardo Pijola.

She described the teen as “a really a great kid” with “a very wide smile…and a passion for pizza with sausage” who was retuned to the adoption home “like faulty merchandise.”

To protect the young boy from further abuse, neither his identity nor those of his foster parents have been disclosed.

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