pope_will_baptise_aliens_wont_marry_gaysPope Francis has revealed that he’s open to baptising aliens from another planet, although he still wouldn’t marry a gay human couple.

In his morning mass on Monday, the pontiff said: “If, for example, tomorrow an expedition of Martians came, and some of them came to us, here… Martians, right? Green, with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them… And one says, ‘But I want to be baptised!’ What would happen?

“What would happen? They’d get baptised, that’s what would happen,” Francis asserted.

He went on to explain: “When the Lord shows us the way, who are we to say, ‘No, Lord, it is not prudent! No, let’s do it this way’… Who are we to close doors?”

Despite this enlightened approach to beings from outer space, gay people from earth are still excluded in many ways by the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis has hinted at an apparent willingness to be more accepting of gay people, but the church remains vehemently opposed to same-sex relationships and marriage and considers homosexuality sinful and unnatural.

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