how_to_train_your_dragon_2_has_a_gay_characterIt’s been revealed that one of the characters in the How to Train Your Dragon animated movie franchise is gay and (sort of) comes out in the latest instalment.

According to How to Train Your Dragon 2’s openly gay writer and director, Dean DeBlois, the character of Gobber (voiced by Craig Ferguson), a six-foot-six Viking, is gay.

In a scene in the upcoming movie, Gobber watches a husband and wife bicker and comments that that’s why he never got married – and then adds “That, and one other reason.”

“When we were recording Craig Ferguson, I had written the line, ‘This is why I never got married,” and he, as he often does, added it as an ad lib and he said, ‘Yup, Gobber is coming out of the closet,'” DeBlois told E! News at the film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

“I think that’s a really fun [and] daring move to put in. I love the idea that Gobber is Berk’s resident gay,” he said.

DeBlois also told Fox News: “I think it’s nice. It’s progressive, it’s honest, and it feels good, so we wanted to keep it.”

He added: “It does make for an interesting revelation because now, what does that mean, do we shed a little more light on Gobber’s love life?

“It’s my personal crusade; I want to break down the stigma that animation is just for kids… My ambition is to try to create a story that has that kind of reach, that stays with you whether you’re an adult or a kid. In doing so we try to incorporate elements of the story that will speak to the youngest audience members while we’re trying to speak to the adults in the audience as well,” DeBlois said.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 opens in South Africa on 20 June.

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