Mr Gay Europe 2014, Jack Johansson

Jack Johansson, a 20-year-old blond dancer and performer from Sweden, has taken the Mr Gay Europe title at a gala event in Austria.

Johansson, who studies at the Balettakademien (academy of ballet) and also freelances as a waiter, musical theatre artist, dancer, director, choreographer and producer, has blue eyes and is 179 cm tall.

Although he was the youngest delegate this year, the Swede scored among the top four in all the rated challenges, and was among the finalists in the talent challenge.

On the registration form for the competition, Johansson said that when he won Mr Gay Sweden he realised that a lot of people, especially youngsters, saw him as a role model.

cute_blonde_swede_wins_mr_gay_europe_2014“To be a role model for boys and girls who don’t really know who they are, and to be able to guide them through their hard times has been a true privilege,” he said.

Johansson explained that he wanted to be Mr Gay Europe “to have a chance to continue being this role model, and take my actions of helping others to a higher level. To continue [to] be a person that not [only] openly gay people can rely on, but everyone.”

This year’s event was the 9th since the competition was organised in 2005 and took place as a tour through Austria, from Vienna to Bregenz and at the Festspielhaus Bregenz, where the Grand Finale took place this past weekend.

Johansson now awaits several projects, meetings with politicians and organisations and visits to different Prides around Europe in the year to come.

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