south_african_man_gay_marriage_proposal_video_ian_McKellen_viralA Johannesburg man’s unique gay marriage proposal video, featuring an A-list Hollywood star, has gone viral.

In the YouTube video, film and TV producer Brett Lotriet uses sign boards to ask boyfriend Khalid Shawwa, who’s a huge fan of Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart, to marry him.

“We all know how you feel about Star Trek’s Captain Picard,” reads Lotriet’s sign. “So I searched the galaxy for Patrick Stewart… and finally asked his best friend for help!”

The Hobbit and X-Men star Ian McKellen then appears on screen telling Shawwa that while unfortunately Stewart is already married, Lotriet is not. “So think it over and do the right thing,” McKellen suggests.

The video ends with Lotriet asking, “Will you marry me?”

Shawwa told Mambaonline that the video came as a complete surprise. “I was sitting at a red light, on my way home when my phone beeped, telling me that Brett had posted a video on myFacebook wall,” he said.

“I managed to pull over and had to watch it a couple times to let it sink in. I was so surprised to see Sir Ian McKellen in there and shocked to hear him say my name! I was so happy, but I didn’t want to appear too eager, so I messaged Brett something inane, like ‘I almost died’. Of course, as soon as I got home I blurted my ‘yes’.”

He added: “I never expected him to do this amazing thing for me. Also, I feel kinda silly that he’s been working on this in secret and I never even suspected!”

Lotriet revealed that he asked McKellen to film the proposal last year while shooting an interview with the star for the documentary Nelson Mandela Redrawn. He had hoped to also include Stewart, but wasn’t able to arrange it.

When asked how he felt about the video going viral, Lotriet replied: “No, I don’t mind at all. It’s important in today’s world to be outspoken on gay rights issues, as they are human rights issues.”

He added that they haven’t set a date for the big day yet because “we are too broke right now to marry.”

He’ll have to go some way to top the proposal. Perhaps convincing Stewart and McKellen to perform the actual marriage ceremony?

Watch the proposal video below.

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