two_men_arrested_in_ghana_on_gay_charges_after_reporting_robberyA Ghanaian man’s attempt to report a robbery to the police went horribly wrong after he and the alleged thief were both arrested on homosexuality charges.

According to Ghana Web, the Daily Heritage newspaper reported that police from the town of Weija arrested the men “for openly confessing” they are gay.

The men were detained after Asare Godwin, who works for the Ghana Tourism Authority, reported a break in at his home. He identified the alleged robber and informed the police where he could be found.

Officers pounced on the man who admitted the theft but justified it by claiming that he is gay and that Godwin owned him after refusing to pay him for “having [a] good time with him.”

Godwin reportedly also confirmed that he had sex, or “carnal knowledge,” with the man.

They were both arrested and are said to be at the Weija police station waited to be transferred to face trial.

The report is unclear if the alleged thief will be charged with the robbery and both men with prostitution, or if homosexuality is the only “crime” that the authorities are pursuing against them.

Gay sex is illegal in Ghana and carries a sentence of three years imprisonment. In May, it was reported that a group of Muslim youth had killed a man they accused of being gay.

A 2012 US Department of State Human Rights Report found that “LGBT persons faced widespread discrimination, as well as police harassment and extortion attempts” in Ghana.

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