Alexander Bruce claims he was fired for being gay. (Pic: supplied)

The school is disputing Alexander Bruce’s claim that he was fired for being gay. (Pic: supplied)

A top private school in Johannesburg has denied that it fired a staff member for being gay.

Earlier this month, we reported claims by Alexander Bruce that his supervisor at the school told him that his contract as a security guard wouldn’t be renewed because “we can’t employ moffies at the school. It’s school policy.”

Bruce also claimed that the supervisor found out that he is gay by snooping on his Facebook page and also made homophobic remarks to him about other people on a number of occasions.

The school’s headmaster has since responded to Mambaonline in a statement, denying Bruce’s version of events.

He clarified that Bruce was not a permanent staff member but had been given an initial three month contract, which ended on 5 August and was not renewed.

The headmaster claims that this was not due to his sexuality but rather because of “various disciplinary transgressions,” including twice being absent from work without leave and without contacting the school.

The school decided as a result of his alleged “inadequate performance” that Bruce was “not eligible for consideration as a permanent employee.”

The headmaster asserted that the school has “drawn greatly from its founders who believed strongly in a non-discriminatory society where everyone was treated equally, irrespective of sex, colour, creed or sexual orientation.”

He said that allegations of homophobia against the supervisor “are therefore seen by the school in a very serious light and will be investigated thoroughly.”

The headmaster confirmed that he is willing to meet with Bruce “in order to share his account of the alleged discrimination by Mr Bruce’s supervisor.”

Anthony Manion from LGBTI group GALA, which has been supporting Bruce in his dispute with the school, confirmed that a meeting is being arranged between the two parties.

Mambaonline has agreed to not publish the name of the school at this time in order to assist in the resolution of the matter.

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