south_african_lesbians_offered_sperm_and_fertility_mystery_grantIn a somewhat unusual move, lesbian women in South Africa have been offered an unnamed donor’s sperm and a financial grant to help them start a family.

The grant is being administered by San Francisco family law firm AdoptSF and a well known fertility clinic.

In a statement forwarded to Mambaonline by the NGO OUT Well-being in Pretoria, Grant Manager Tess Murphy said that the ART (Assisted Reproduction Technology) grant is being offered by a mysterious “generous donor.”

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is seeking a single woman or a couple in need of a sperm donor and fertility treatment.

“Although the donor is married and intending to have his own family, he has lost a child. He would like to offer this gift to a kind, individualistic person who wishes to have a child and would make a loving parent,” said Murphy.

The gift provides the mother with a sperm donation while the medical expenses related to all fertility treatments will also be covered, including any international travel necessary to receive high-quality fertility treatment care.

A trust fund will be arranged to “help the mother and child live comfortably, enjoy opportunities, and lead a healthy and happy life.”

The child’s educational expenses, including university, at quality institutions in South Africa will also be covered. Legal representation and associated costs will be provided.

“The donor hopes that the primary focus is to have a wonderful child with the right sperm donor; this is not a path to financial wealth,” added Murphy.

Candidates who qualify for the grant include single women by choice, heterosexual couples and same-sex female couples who live in South Africa. Preference will be given to women with a higher education degree.

Murphy said that due to the confidential nature of the gift, extensive information will only be disclosed to final candidates. This will include the donor’s health, fertility and genetic profile.

Eligible candidates will be invited to a Skype and in-person interview in their home city in December and January.

For more information or to receive an application, contact Murphy at The application deadline is 15 December 2014.

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