Uganda gay activist in intensive care after mob attack


A bloody Kelly Mukwano after the mob attack
(Pic: O-blog-dee-o-blog-da)

A well-known Ugandan human rights activist has been attacked by a mob in Kampala.

The details of the assault are unclear, but according to US-based blogger and activist Melanie Nathan, Kelly Mukwano was rushed to the hospital emergency room following the attack.

Nathan reported that Mukwano had multiple wounds, including a badly injured eye, and suffered severe blood loss.

He is believed to now be stable and receiving treatment in intensive care.

In February, Mukwano told the UK’s The Telegraph that despite being a model tenant for two years, he had been evicted by his landlord, simply because he is gay.

“He said people knew I was a homosexual, and he could not guarantee my safety, they could come and kill me at any time,” explained Mukwano. “When I left, people were staring, whispering. I did not realise the danger I was in.”

Mukwano has spoken out against the country’s now-annulled Anti-Homosexuality Act and has been subjected to police harassment and arrests in the past.

While the law was scrapped by the courts, homosexuality remains illegal in Uganda with penalties including life imprisonment. LGBT people face ongoing harassment, rejection and discrimination.

Opponents of LGBT equality have reportedly drafted a harsh new bill to replace the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which will focus on the “inducement” to homosexuality and the “promotion” of homosexuality.

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