Watch! SA’s hottest pointsman in action


(Pic: Nelius Rademan/Netwerk24/YouTube)

A hunky Good Samaritan is making waves across South Africa thanks to his shirtless traffic conducting.

The flip-flop and shorts-wearing stud was photographed and videoed as he helped ease traffic congestion at an intersection on Jan Smuts Avenue in Johannesburg.

According to Netwerk24, 29-year-old Jarryd Bands had a simple explanation as to why he was shirtless.

“I had to take off my shirt to make sure I was visible and wouldn’t get run over,” he said.

In our opinion, he’s damn luck he didn’t cause a multiple car pileup with that oh-so-distracting chest on display. (We’d have driven straight into the car in front of us if we were there.)

Watch him in action below or click here to see more pics.

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