World’s hottest teacher speaks about secret modelling career


hottest_teacher_in_the_world_pietro_boselliWe’ve suddenly developed a keen interest in maths!

A stunning lecturer dubbed the world’s hottest teacher has revealed that he tried to keep his modelling hidden from his students.

Pietro Boselli, 26, who hails from Brescia in Italy, boasts a PHD in Mechanical Engineering and teaches advanced maths in the UK, at University College London.

His burgeoning modelling career for leading fashion labels like Giorgio Armani and Abercrombie & Fitch recently came to the fore after his students discovered topless pictures of the nerdy stud on Instagram.

Student Arief Azli came across Pietro’s account and tweeted: “That moment when you realise your maths lecturer is a top designer model.” Images of the hunky lecturer quickly viral – and the cat was out the bag.

hottest_teacher_in_the_world_pietro_boselli_02Speaking to The Times, Pietro explained that he didn’t want his students and colleagues to know about his other career because he was afraid they might “look down on him”.

He said that, “People ask me ‘why are you topless in pictures? Why don’t you have any clothes on?’ But training is a big part of my life.” (We’d ask, why aren’t you topless ALL the time?)

Pietro, who’s signed to leading European agency Models 1, added that he trains once or twice a day and he’s “happy to get recognition for having a good physique.”

If you’re already planning on applying for a student visa to the UK, you may want to know that he’s unfortunately already got a girlfriend.

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