Watch Tom Daley get body painted into a shark


tom_daley_shark_body_paintYes, we will unashamedly celebrate any excuse to enjoy openly gay British diving hottie Tom Daley flaunting his body.

In his latest clothesless endeavour the 21-year-old agreed to get his near-naked body painted by British artist Emma Faso so that he’d resemble a shark.

He then filmed and posted a behind the scenes video of the transformation.

The reason? To promote the SeaWorld theme park’s Shark Week campaign and “raise awareness of the threats sharks are facing in the wild.”  This, however, hasn’t gone down well with animal rights activists.

Peta accused SeaWorld of confining “social and self-aware animals to tiny pools with chemically treated water where they are forced to perform silly tricks.”

The group urged Tom to instead support conservation efforts “that actually help protect fish instead of corporations that exploit animals for profit.”

Perhaps his well-intentioned efforts are misguided, but we’ll keep watching this video on a permanent loop anyway.

In July last year, readers of UK gay magazine Attitude voted Tom, who’s dating Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, the sexiest man in the world – for the second year in a row! We’re not surprised.

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