Vatican: Transgender people can’t be godparents


catholic_church_says_transgender_people_cannot_be_godparentsThe Roman Catholic Church says it will not allow transgender people to become godparents.

In June, Alex Salinas, 21, a Spanish Catholic transgender man asked to be recognised as his nephew’s godfather.

According to Newsweek, his local church denied the request on the basis that being transgender is not accepted under Catholic dogma.

The decision was reversed by Bishop Rafael Zornoza Boy of the diocese of Cádiz and Ceuta, who nevertheless asked the Vatican to review the matter.

On Wednesday, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ruled that the original decision was correct.

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that the Vatican insisted that it is “impossible to allow” a transgender person to become a godparent.

The church explained that Salinas’ transgender status is immoral and that he “does not possess the requirement of leading a life according to the faith and in the position of godfather…”

The Catholic Church does not accept the idea that gender identity can be separate from the body that an individual is born with.

In February, Pope Francis was quoted as saying that the belief in gender theory could destroy humanity and is as dangerous as “nuclear arms” because it does “not recognise the order of creation.”

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