K2 twins turned down 2 Mil Rand to masturbate in public


The K2 brothers (Instagram)

Following an acrimonious split with their manager, the hunky K2 brothers have revealed that they were offered almost R2 million to masturbate in public.

In an interview in the latest Huisgenoot magazine, Charlie and Alex Kotze claim that their former manager, Johan Stephan, presented the explicit proposal to them.

It entailed the duo masturbating and ejaculating in an art gallery in Paris over four days, for which they would receive R425 000 a day.

Charlie and Alex, who sadly turned down the offer, cited this as one of the reasons they broke away from Stephan.

Stephan, however, told Channel24 that the proposal was simply an e-mail he received and it “was declined and no offer was considered or discussed further.”

It seems that the twins are not in a good place right now. As a result of the fight with their former manager, they have lost control of their social media profiles, which Stephan claims he owns.

“It was a project fully created by me – the ‘twins’ concept, the ‘K2’ brand name, the method to leverage social media as marketing platform with their consent. It was their decision that I create it, manage it and control it from the beginning,” he explained.

The twins say that Stephan wants R765 000 before he hands over their profiles. (Perhaps they should have accepted that offer, after all…)

To add to their woes, Charlie and Alex have also seen their television début go up in flames after it was revealed that the home makeover show they presented was faked.

KykNET’s Oulap se Rooi was promoted as renovating viewers’ rooms but it later came to light that the rooms were all in the producers’ home and that the viewers shown on screen were actually actors.

KykNET dropped the show and has launched an investigation into the production.

The K2 brothers became sex symbol phenomena on social media thanks to their wholesome farm-boy good looks and never-ending stream of shirtless images. They went on to grace fashion show runways and win titles such as Cosmopolitan magazine’s sexiest men.

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