Charlize Theron slammed for letting her son dress as Disney queen

 Charlize Theron (Pic: Georges Biard)

Charlize Theron (Pic: Georges Biard)

Single mom Charlize Theron has been shamed as a bad parent for letting her son Jackson dress as Queen Elsa from the film Frozen.

The Hollywood A-lister was photographed out and about with the adorable four-year-old, who wore a dress and a hat with an attached Elsa braid down the back.

Jackson, who, like his mom, was born in South Africa, was adopted by Theron in 2012. (She also adopted an American girl, August, in July last year.)

As the pictures of Theron and Jackson circulated online, the star became the subject of a shockingly bigoted social media attack.

Many seemed to assume that the actress had “forced” her son to dress like Elsa, apparently not considering that she simply allowed Jackson to express himself.

“Is @ChalrlizeAfrica crazy???” asked Lesboja78. “What kind of parent does this to a child?? Why would you adopt this young black boy and then degrade him?”

Brendan Liam accused Theron of “treating your son like some object to make a political sign with… narcissism at its finest.”

Marcellus X tweeted: “Shame on Charlize Theron for allowing her black adopted SON to dress up in a blonde wig & a dress. Very unacceptable.”

Bridget McDonald added: “@CharlizeAfrica this is a lil black boy, not a lil white girl with blonde hair. U need ur ass kicked 4 this.”

Thankfully, many also came to Theron’s defence, including Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D., author of The Gender Creative Child and Director of mental health at the Child and Adolescent Gender Centre.

She told Yahoo Style: “I applaud Charlize Theron for being a parent who listens to her child and follows his lead, letting him be the boy he wants to be the way he wants to do it, and that would be dressing up as Elsa in a princess costume.

“We now know the disturbing results when parents take over and try to police their child’s gender and shame them for the creative ways they want to express it. That child is at risk for anxiety, depression, or even worse,” she said.

Classy as always, Theron ignored the transphobic trolls and has not responded to their backward views on life and parenting.



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