Now Pastor Anderson calls Minister Gigaba a “backward joke”


Pastor Steven Anderson

In a furious YouTube rant, ‘kill-the-gays’ pastor Steven Anderson has attacked South Africa’s Minister of Home Affairs as a “joke” who is “backward”.

Anderson was reacting to news that the minister would await a dossier of evidence from LGBT activists about the pastor’s hate speech before deciding whether or not to ban him from the country.

The preacher claimed that this would never happen as South Africa protects freedom of speech.

He added that Gigaba, which he pronounced as “Jigaba”, was simply “stringing these sodomites along” to “get them off his back”.

“This guy is such as joke,” said Anderson “Politicians are always talking out both sides of their mouths, lying, making false promises and so forth.”

He went on to rail: “It’s so funny how this minister Gigaba said that my views, my Christian views, my Biblical views… he said they’re backward views…

“You’re the one that’s backward Gigaba! You’re the one who thinks that a dude should be intimate with another dude. That’s ass-backwards, okay! It’s this sodomite agenda that’s completely backward.”

Anderson, who also called Gigaba “wicked”, insisted that his September 18 event in Johannesburg is still going ahead and will not be limited in any way.

The evangelist’s anger may have been fuelled by the fact that he had earlier prematurely announced that he had not been banned by the minister, based on inaccurate media reports.

The clip was filmed while Anderson drove his car with what appears to be his children in the back seat, who seemed to be quite bored by his tirade.

Watch the extraordinary video below.

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