Would you go live in an LGBT homeland?


would-you-go-live-in-an-lgbt-homelandBelieve it or not, there are genuine attempts to create a homeland or country for LGBT people. Would you move there?

According to Viktor Zimmerman, head of the German-based Gay Homeland Foundation, a separate LGBT state is the only realistic way that LGBT people will find true liberty and happiness.

In an interview with Vice, he argued that a gay city-state would be a safe haven for millions of gay people who continue to be oppressed.

“Many gay people on this planet live in dangerous circumstances; their physical security is threatened on a daily basis, their jobs are insecure, and their families threaten them or try to force-marry them,” said Zimmerman.

“Due to strict immigration restrictions, these people simply cannot relocate to another country. A gay country would be a very good option for these gay folks.”

Zimmerman also believes that an LGBT homeland would become “a creative and affirmative environment” that “will release a tremendous energy.” He added: “There would be no more cultural oppression from the hetero; all the public spaces would be decorated with gay artwork.”

Supporters of “queer nationalism” espouse the idea that the LGBT community forms a distinct people due to their unique culture and customs. It has its roots in the 1960s, when American gay activist Don Jackson proposed that LGBT people take over California’s Alpine County.

In its manifesto on its website, the Gay Homeland Foundation states that, “unless gay people take their affairs in their own hands, no long-term and sustainable guarantee for our rights can be achieved”.

It explains that, “The final goal is the establishment of a state for our people, but any progressive solutions such as colonies/settlements with partial self-administration should be considered as helpful and be included into the concept.”

Zimmerman told Vice: “If there is to be genuine gay high culture, we will need more than just local gay bars, two to three gay bookstores, and a gay pride march once a year. This is not a question of human rights; it’s is an issue of a six percent-minority population being dispersed in an unaccommodating cultural environment.”

A number of possible areas for the LGBT state have been suggested, such as in South America or a Buddhist country in southeast Asia.

As for straight people, Zimmerman said that they will be allowed to live in the LGBT state but “their numbers will be limited and they will be not in charge”.

He insisted that, despite the complexities of the endeavour, there are legal and historical precedents for the peaceful acquisition of land. “We are confident that one day gay people will have territorial control over a sovereign territory,” Zimmerman said.

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