Tamara Dey: “I’ve always been an underdog”


therapy_love_injection_tamara_dey_interview2Music diva Tamara Dey will be unveiling brand new dance tracks at this Saturday’s Therapy 20-year-reunion party at Carfax.

She’s set to perform three times during the event, seen as Jozi’s most-anticipated bash of the year, alongside Therapy’s DJ family, including the iconic Stuart Hillary.

Dey, who is also the voice of elctro-dance band Flash Republic, spoke to Mambaonline about her new solo music, her connection with the gay community and what we can expect at the big event.

We hear you’re going to debut some new music at the Therapy party. Is that true?

It is! I’m debuting some stuff that I’m working on; completely unreleased material. I’ll be doing something old and something new, including one or two Flash Republic numbers as well. So, the Therapy audience are going to be my guinea pigs for at least two songs for sure. And I can’t wait to see the response!

Is a new solo album in the works?

I am working on a new solo album. That album is going to be distributed throughout Africa. The bigger dream is to put myself on the map as an African artist, not just as a known South African performer. I worked with a lot of East, West and North African artists, and some local collaborations, on the project, which will drop next year.

Are the new tracks going to be included on the new album?

The tracks that I’m doing at the party are dance tracks, specifically catering for the Therapy audience. But one of the tracks might be on the new album…

You’ve had a long ongoing relationship with Therapy.

Well, Therapy the club is legendary. It’s so cool that in my early clubbing days I got a chance to experience that. And I had the opportunity to perform there as quite a young artist; I was barely out of school! It was a place I visited with my friends and we always had an incredible time.

therapy_love_injection_tamara_dey_iconWhat does the Therapy brand mean to you?

Therapy was a family. It was a place where anyone could express themselves in any way that they wanted to – and I always loved that. That’s something I really connected with and continue to connect with. Being part of the 20th reunion and anniversary was something that I jumped at the opportunity to do.

We spotted you at Johannesburg Pride the other day. You also have a long-standing relationship with the gay community. Why do you think there’s been such a lovefest?

Because I’m their biggest supporter and they have always been mine! I have also always been somewhat of an underdog in my world. Not everyone is going to understand you or your fashion sense or how you express yourself. And I’ve always been quite adamant about being myself. I think that the community really relates to that side of me. I’m a big supporter of people being free to be who they want to be and who they were born to be.

What are you most looking forward to at the party?

I’m hoping to see a few familiar faces and looking forward to introducing a new generation of party kids to what was a very special brand and family – and have them become part of that. I’m also looking forward to the music, because that was always something that we could expect with the Therapy brand; incredible dance music. Really, I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun. I can’t wait to jump on stage and be part of it!

Therapy’s Love Injection – The 20th Anniversary Reunion – is happening on Saturday 12 November, 9 pm till sunrise, at Carfax in Newtown (39 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street, Johannesburg).

The line up:
Main Room: Therapy modern – DJs Nathan N8 Nasty, Ari, Roger Goode, Alex Kidd, Stuart Hillary, Fabio, Russell LDQ, as well as a live performance by diva Tamara Dey.
Courtyard: Therapy classic – DJs Olwee, Dr Louder, Fluid, Trev-the-Dev, Paul Alex, Groovy Q.

R150 – online / R150 – (before 10pm) at the door / R200 – door price
Get your tickets here!

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