In pictures: Thousands of LGBTQ people protest against Trump outside Stonewall Inn


Pic: Fotograffitti / Instagram

New York City’s Stonewall Inn was the location of yet another historic protest on Saturday, as the LGBTQ community demonstrated against Donald Trump’s regressive policies.

Organised by PFLAG NYC, alongside more than 60 other organisations, the rally focused on Trump’s controversial executive order limiting refugees, immigrants and visitors from a number of Muslim countries.

There are also concerns that the president will sign a recently leaked draft executive order that would effectively legalise discrimination against LGBTQ people in order to protect so-called “religious freedoms”. The protesters further railed against Trump’s selection of “the most anti-LGBT nominees and appointees in modern history” in his administration and for the US Supreme Court.

The organisers said that the rally aimed to “protect the civil rights of our LGBTQ loved ones and stand in solidarity with immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and every person whose civil rights and dignity are under threat”.

The event saw thousands from around the city and surrounding areas coming out with placards and rainbow flags in a colourful and defiant display of solidarity, and was supported by New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The Stonewall Inn is credited with being the site of the birth of the LGBTQ rights movement. On June 28, 1969, LGBTQ patrons of the gay bar fought back against police officers in response to ongoing homophobic raids and harassment. The riots continued for a number of days.

In June last year, President Obama proclaimed the Stonewall Inn, a small adjacent park and the surrounding streets and sidewalks a national monument.

My favorite sign at the #lgbtsolidarityrally #meangirlsofcapitolhill #nycpride #riseup

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"I Like Dick. I Like Taters. Not Dictators." — LGBT Solidarity Rally at the Stonewall Inn in NYC #lgbt #StonewallWasARiot #nobannowall #lgbtq #resist #TheResistance #NotMyPresident #dumptrump #streetphotography #instagay #stonewallinn #LGBTSolidarityRally #gayrights

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Look how #orange you look, girl. #lgbtsolidarityrally #resist #stonewall @margelsn

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Block all. #lgbtsolidarityrally #lgbtsolidarity

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#stonewall #solidarity #rally #latergram #resist #trump #resisttrump #nyc

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#lgbtsolidarityrally #lgbt #nyc #stonewall #resist

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Still thinking about this sign I saw at yesterday's LGBT solidarity rally. Seems like there are many who don't get why we rallied in support of refugees. Is this really hard to understand? We know what it's like to be threatened with violence. We've seen the videos of gays in other countries being thrown off of buildings, stories of "corrective rape" of lesbians. It horrifies us LGBT Americans because we know it wasn't that long ago that atrocities happened here against us in the open with no consequences paid. We know it still does happen. Do you know how many LGBT have been murdered and police have chosen not to investigate because the victim was LGBT? It still happens more than you realize, especially in small towns. We also know the wind could change direction and the LGBT community could be hit with some convoluted executive order that directly impacts us. Apparently it came close to happening this past week. We've been the canary in the coal mine for so long and we will speak up before the next one can't breathe. #hewilnotdivideus #dumptrump #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtsolidarityrally

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#lgbtsolidarityrally #stonewall #nyc #lgbt

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