Does Gretha Wiid have a gay family member?


There have been claims that homophobic Afrikaans celebrity lay preacher Gretha Wiid has a close family member who may be gay.

Mambaonline has been told by a reliable source that the family member is in a long term same-sex relationship with Wiid’s knowledge and has even been known to stay at her lodge and conference centre with their partner.

Wiid, a popular public speaker, lay preacher and relationship ‘expert’ in the Afrikaans community, has been slammed for her outdated and dangerous views on homosexuality.

In an excerpt from one of her advice books, which went viral on social media this week, Wiid makes a series of unfounded claims, such as the belief that boys become gay because of an unloving father figure.

She also states that homosexuality can be prevented or corrected in young people if they “speak to someone about these things in time – before it is too late”.

Critics are alarmed that these uninformed views have been disseminated among parents and young people, potentially leading to devastating repercussions for families and for those coming to grips with their sexuality.

In addition to her books, Wiid also offers “camps” on her website targeting young people in which she advises them on “relationships, choices and friends” and how to be “men and women”.

Mambaonline is aware of at least five complaints in the last few days that have been lodged with the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) over her views.

We have reached out to Wiid on email, but she has not replied. She has also refused to speak in detail to other media outlets, but did made some brief comments to Netwerk24.

She told the Afrikaans news site that “the book was written in 2009 for a very young youth market”.

Wiid added: “In light of the fact that there is a pending complaint about the books’ viewpoint, the media is not the platform to conduct a trial. I will motivate and defend my viewpoints in front of the SAHRC in due course in the context of freedom of religion, conscience and the right of expression.”

Wiid has been described as a female version of controversial homophobic preacher Angus Buchan. She and her husband have appeared in numerous magazines as a supposedly shining example of Christian ideals.

She sells various products on her website, including relationship, teen and family advice books and even her own perfumes (In2Him for women and Inspire for men).

Wiid also hosts ‘Worthy Women’ events that assert the primacy of the man in marriage and the belief that relationships must be based on Biblical values. Like Buchan, she has in the past stated that homosexuality is sinful.

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