Cape Town pastor ordered to stop preaching LGBTQ hate in public


Cape Town hate pastor Oscar Bougardt has been ordered by the Western Cape High Court to stop preaching anti-LGBTQ vitriol for the next two months.

On Friday, Bougardt faced charges by the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) that he had violated a previous court agreement to stop making hate statements.

According to the Daily Voice, Bougardt was supported in court by a group of pastors, including members of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), which has a history of being anti-LGBTQ.

Bougardt appeared without legal representation and explained to the judge that his lawyer was currently overseas.

Judge Lee Bozalek agreed to postpone the matter until 14 May to allow the preacher to ensure that his lawyer could attend or to secure other legal counsel.

In the meantime, the judge ordered Bougardt to “not express yourself publicly on homosexuality” for the next two month or “face further charges”.

When Bougardt asked if he could preach against homosexuality in church, Judge Bozalek said that for now he could only speak on the matter at home. His lawyer, however, will be allowed to argue that Bougardt should be able to express his homophobic views in church.

The SAHRC confirmed in an email to Mambaonline that “the matter has been postponed until 14 May 2018, at 10h00, for trial”.

Taking to Facebook on Monday, Bougardt wrote about his court appearance:

“No court in the world can ever stop the Word of God being preached. They may stop an individual, but God will raise up more to preach His Word. I am being barred from preaching certain bible verses, I face more persecution if I don’t adhere.”

Since at least 2011, Bougardt has conducted a vile campaign against the LGBTQ community, accusing gay people of being child molesters, of being sinful perverts and even appearing to call for their execution.

In his 2014 court approved settlement with the SAHRC, Bougardt agreed to stop making discriminatory or hateful comments against the LGBTQ community. He also apologised and asked for forgiveness.

However, he soon after went back to repeatedly attacking, insulting and demeaning LGBTQ people on social media and in the press. In January, Bougardt claimed that Cape Town’s drought is God’s “divine judgement” because it “is the capital sodomite city of the world…”

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