Missing gay man Ruan Uys is reported safe


Ruan Uys

The mother of missing Gauteng man Ruan Uys has confirmed that he has reached out to her and is safe.

Ruan disappeared in January after he was last seen with Alberto Dejesus in Boksburg. According to a June 2017 Facebook post, the two were in a relationship.

Ruan’s desperate parents, Johan and Hantie Uys, launched a campaign to find their son, who was officially listed as missing with the police and missing persons’ organisations.

The distraught couple took to the streets of Boksburg to distribute flyers in a bid to find Ruan. The LGBT community also played their part in sharing information about the missing men on social media.

On Thursday, Hantie took to Facebook to say that after more than three months she had finally heard from Ruan. “I just need to share the great news with you. Ruan called me and he’s safe,” she wrote.

“It was wonderful that I could hear his voice and he could tell me, ‘ mother I’m ok,'” she said, adding, “thank you all”.

Hantie told GaySA Radio that Ruan was emotional when he called her and that he is currently in Durban. It is understood that he is with Alberto.

On social media, there was relief that Ruan was safe but some expressed their frustration that it had taken so long for him to come forward.

“I’m sorry but I’m struggling to understand how a son does this to his mother or to his friends and family….How do you just run off with your lover and vanish off the face of the planet letting your mom and friends think that the worst has happened to you…” said one man.

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