American gay hate pastor Steven Anderson to preach live in SA via Skype


Pastors Bougard & Anderson

Kill-the-gays pastor Steven Anderson may be banned from entering South Africa, but his fellow local hate preacher, Oscar Bougardt, is still working to spread the American’s vile message.

The Cape Town-based Bougardt, who believes that “99% of paedophiles are homosexual,” has announced that he will be setting up live Skype preaching sessions with Anderson in South Africa.

“The media and homosexual communities sees us [as] hate preachers yet I am inundated with request for material of Pastor Steven Anderson preaching and teachings God’s Word,” wrote Bougardt on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

He revealed that he had just received bibles from Anderson and that “more material”, such as Anderson’s so-called ‘soul wining’ DVDs and CDs, is on the way.

Bougardt said that while Anderson is “blocked from preaching here, we can still get him to preach here via Skype” and “there is absolutely nothing [the] government of homosexual community can do to stop it.”

He continued: “Watch [this] space for Skype service and opening of new premises. God is good.”

When he was tried last year for contravening a 2014 court agreement to stop making anti-LGBTQ hate statements (such as urging Isis to come to South Africa to kill gay people), Bougardt promised the court that he would end his association with Anderson.

Despite being found guilty in May and being sentenced to 30 days in jail, suspended for five years, Bougardt has continued to promote Anderson’s repulsive brand of Christianity and even visited him in the US in October to attend an anti-Semitic conference.

Bougardt has also not let up on spewing his almost daily hate speech on social media against the LGBTQ community, and was recently quoted calling gay people “f*gs” by the Daily Voice. He has also failed to produce his court ordered apology to the LGBTQ community.

A petition has been set up demanding that the authorities stop letting the preacher get away with defying the judiciary and the Constitution.

Hendrik Baird, GaySA Radio station manager, who campaigned to have Anderson banned in South Africa, urged the SA Human Rights Commission to “take decisive action and put this man, who makes a mockery of South African law, behind bars, once and for all.”

He added: “He is a disgraceful, unethical, dishonest man who will stop at nothing to allow this known hate-monger access to the South African public.”

On 13 September 2016, then-Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba deemed Anderson “a prohibited person in South Africa” due to his hate speech. Anderson has also been barred from entering Botswana, Jamaica, the UK and Canada.

The preacher, who calls for the execution of LGBTQ people, has stated that their eradication would free the world from the AIDS epidemic and has praised the Orlando Massacre.

Sign the petition here urging the SA Human Rights Commission to take Bougardt back to court. 

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