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BEYOND BORDERS: HAYDEN’S HIV DIARY: A trip to Zambia allows Hayden Horner to realise that the success of HIV/AIDS treatment strategies lies more in compassion than resources.
GAY GAMES WORLDWIDE SCHOLARSHIPS: The 2006 Chicago Gay Games has announced that applications are now being accepted for the Gay Games VII Scholarship Program.
HOMOPHOBIC MURDER IN LONDON: - 18.10.2005 - A 24 year old man was beaten to death in South London on Saturday; a murder which police describe as a homophobic attack.
M-NET APOLOGISES FOR ‘MOFFIE’ REMARK: The pay TV channel has apologised for using the word "moffie" in a popular soap series.
UGANDA OUTLAWS GAY MARRIAGE: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has signed a number of constitutional amendments, which include a ban on same-sex marriage.
HEARTLANDS UP FOR SALE: Less than two months after its opening, the Heartlands entertainment complex is up for sale.
PRIDE VICTIM DISCHARGED: The woman injured at this weekend's Joburg Pride has been discharged from hospital, while the GLA outrages with its support of the attack.
COMMUNITY OUTRAGED BY PRIDE ATTACK: Community leaders say that the bottle throwing incident on the weekend reflects the vital importance of an event like Pride.
JOBURG PRIDE ROCKS THE CITY: Described as one of the best Pride Parades to date, the event was marred by an attack on a participant.
SA GAY ACTIVISTS AWARDED: Several LGBTI activists were recognised for their work at an awards ceremony in Johannesburg last night.