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Healing | Dear Dad, I forgive you: Many of us live with some hurt and resentment when it comes to family matters. During this, the month of love, Motlatsi Motseoile decided to deal with his pain head-on and start to forgive.
Opinion | Is there a right way to deal with a breakup?: We've all gone through the pain of at least one breakup. It's how we choose to react to that heartbreak - by lashing out or growing from the experience - that truly counts, writes Motlatsi Motseoile
Opinion | Dear Gay Men: Do You Remember Your First Sexual Experience?: For most young LGBTQ people, their first sexual experience can be a defining moment. So why is it often not always a fully consensual one, asks Motlatsi Motseoile?
Opinion | Do we really need to be out in the workplace?: Financial independence is often the key to live an openly LGBTQ life. But how do we achieve that when being out in the workplace is not an option?
Gay dating | A man is a man is a man, right?: Men come in varied sexualities and identities, so why should cisgender gay men only date other cisgender gay men, asks Motlatsi Motseoile.
Gay dating | Can we hope for intimacy and commitment?: As I recently left the home of yet another man I’d met on the yellow app, I wondered if this is all there is for us. Does intimacy exist in this era of let’s meet for momentary pleasure?
Opinion | Bottoms on top and tops who bottom: We owe it to ourselves to explore what sex can be for us as gay men. We should be limited only by our desires and imagination, not stereotypes about tops and bottoms.
Opinion | Should we have straight friends?: My childhood best friend and I broke up when I was 20. We broke up, silently, because I discovered that - even though she ‘loved me as a person’ - she didn’t like the fact that I am gay.
Online dating | Can we find love?: Meeting people online is the norm these days. But is online dating about looking for love or just moving from one guy to the next in a quest for momentary sexual pleasure?
Opinion | Who’s your R. Kelly? And did you survive him?: As the world is outraged by details of R. Kelly's alleged abuse of young women, Motlatsi Motseoile asks why so few queer boys and men come forward with their own stories of sexual assault.