It’s not easy staying ridiculously well-groomed. To help things out, we present a selection of new affordable grooming products you might find of interest.


The Australian men’s grooming company Moosehead is making waves around the world – and it has at last arrived in South Africa. It promises that there’s a product to suit each and every type of hair.

Moosehead Shaping Dough

Moosehead shaping dough lets you shape, scrunch and lift hair with a super strong hold and matt finish. This is the perfect product for guys with medium to thick hair.

Moosehead Cement Set
If you want an extreme look which demands a strong product, cement set is one of the toughest gels around. With a super high hold factor, it lets you shape, spike, Mohawk, slick or sleek your hair and just about everything else in between.

Moosehead Forming Wax

Moosehead forming wax gives you the scope to shape just about any lock and keeps your hair healthy at the same time. Great for sealing split ends, this product has a glossy finish for an extra healthy poster boy look.

Moosehead Defining Paste

Suitable for all hair of just about any length, it also has a touch of shine to give your look a bit more kick. Washes out easily in the shower.

Moosehead Matt Holding Mud

Makes it easy to create that messy, bed hair or surfer look. Ideal for all hair lengths, especially medium to longer hair. Great for finger texturising. Washes out easily.

The range is now available at Clicks stores around South Africa, from R59.95.


DaVinci has added three new products to their range of DaVinci face treatments for men.

• DaVinci Eye Relief contains vitamin E and Ginko which help revitalise eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It contains sunscreen which protects and moisturises the delicate skin around the eye and is specially formulated to prevent irritation. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and normal moisturisers can sometimes cause puffiness and swelling.

• DaVinci Recovery Gel contains mandarin and aloe which helps moisturise and treat tired, dull skin. Working too hard, stress and late nights can all affect the skin, making it dry and lustreless. DaVinci Recovery Gel gives skin that extra lift to bring back its natural glow.

• DaVinci Anti-blemish Patches treats those awful unexpected spots on the face and neck. The special spot-fighting ingredients are formulated to prevent the skin from drying out and help to heal blemishes. Use before going to bed at night – it goes to work while you sleep.

Also check out the DaVinci Face masks for men, perfect for tired, dull skin and helping to control blackheads.

Each DaVinci treatment contains multiple applications and can be closed with a clever, re-sealable nozzle. They retail for around R22 and the full range of DaVinci face products for men are available from Dis-Chem and select pharmacies.

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