No longer a taboo subject, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem which most men will encounter at some time in their lives.

Naturally age can be one factor which can affect men over the ages of 65, but around 5% of men 40 years or younger also experience ED from time to time. For ED to be diagnosed correctly, the condition needs to recur consistently and be ongoing.

Failing to achieve and maintain an erection on one occasion only, is not an indication of ED because stress, alcohol abuse, ill health, high blood pressure and diabetes can all play a part in its cause.

Men who suffer from ED often experience low self-esteem and guilt which can affect their relationships with partners.

ED is treatable in all ages and men can have erections quite happily into their 80’s. However, things will take longer than they did when younger as the libido will probably have changed and more stimulation and patience may be required to get an erection.

A new product, containing only natural ingredients, that claims to assist with ED has now been launched on the South African market.

OnDemand, a natural herbal preparation, claims to enhance the sexual response and promotes energy. The makers say that the product is expected to increase the level of desire for up to two days and that this natural libido enhancer will help stimulate endurance and allow for a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Remember, if you are experiencing ED, it is important for you to discuss the issue with your doctor because your Erectile Dysfunction may have a serious underlying cause such as undiagnosed diabetes, heart disease or prostate cancer.

OnDemand is available from Dis-Chem and pharmacies for R114 for a pack of four and is also available in packs of two. Give it a try and tell us if it works for you.

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