Duncan James showing off at the gym last year

Duncan James showing off at the gym last year

Duncan James, the hunky member of the British boyband Blue, has revealed that while he considers himself gay he would still sleep with a woman.

The issue of shifting celebrity sexual identity, specifically bisexuality, has been in the headlines in the UK recently. This week, pop singer Jessie J controversially announced that her previously claimed bisexuality was just a “phase” and that she is now straight.

Last week, British diving champion and heartthrob Tom Daley revealed that he now identifies as gay, not bisexual, as he originally stated when he came out in a YouTube video late last year.

In 2009, James came out as bisexual, saying: “I’m bisexual. I’ve been in loving relationships with men as well as women – and I’m not ashamed.” He later went on to identify as gay.

Now, in a new interview with Gay Star News, James said he refused to be put into a box when it comes to his sexuality.

“…I’m still attracted to women, I could still easily sleep with a woman. I haven’t in the last couple of years but I think if I meet a girl I could still have a relationship with her,” James explained.

“But I still call myself gay. I’m a gay guy. I like men, so that makes me gay.” He went on to say: “Don’t get me wrong, I think people can be bisexual. When I came out as bisexual at the time, it was just easier to use the word.

“I do say I’m gay, but I don’t really care about labels. I don’t really care if people want to call me bisexual or gay.”

In January, James’s fellow Blue singer Lee Ryan revealed that he had sexually experimented with men in the past. His ex-girlfriend recently claimed that he had cheated on her with a man and suggested that he should come out as gay.

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