Do you buy it? SABC presenter says Twitter account hacked

SABC sports presenter Coudjoe Amankwaa (Pic: Twitter)

SABC sports presenter Coudjoe Amankwaa (Pic: Twitter)

SABC sports presenter Coudjoe Amankwaa claims that recent homophobic comments on his Twitter account were posted by someone else without his authority.

On Wednesday, the SABC finally issued a formal statement in response to the furore over Amankwaa’s series of homophobic tweets on the weekend.

These included stating that homosexuality is “a problem” and an “abnormality”. He also went on to attack those who criticised him for his anti-gay stance.

The broadcaster said that it had met with Amankwaa, issued him with a written warning and instructed him to apologise for the “unpleasant statements”.

It further revealed that Amankwaa “indicated that his account was used by someone without his authorisation” but that “he takes full responsibility for this as the account used belongs to him.” The SABC did not offer any further information about how this happened or who tweeted on his behalf.

The presenter, analyst and scriptwriter himself stated: “I would like to apologise to the SABC, an esteemed institution that embraces diversity and to the South African public at large for the harm caused by what was written on my Twitter account.”

Amankwaa did not appear to actually retract the homophobic comments; only saying that he is sorry to have embarrassed the broadcaster and harmed the public.

The SABC nevertheless said that it had accepted his apology, suggesting that it will not take any further action against him.

The corporation has been accused of hypocrisy for its leniency towards Amankwaa. In January, it dropped Pastor Sthembiso Zondo from Ukhozi FM following the release of a video in which he is seen naked – even though the video was filmed and posted by a third party without his permission.

The SABC said in the statement that it “does not support hate speech and any other statements that are perceived to be offensive, divisive and incites violence and creates uncertainties in society.”

Do you accept Amankwaa’s apology and his explanation? Should the SABC have taken firmer action against him? Tell us your thoughts below.

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