Guess which religion’s members most accept same-sex marriage?


which_religion_most_supports_gay_marriageA major survey of Americans has revealed which religion’s members are most accepting of marriage equality.

This week, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) revealed the findings of its American Values Atlas, based on interviews with 40,000 Americans over the last year.

They provide, it says, “the most in-depth portrait to date of attitudes on same-sex marriage by religious affiliation” in the USA.

According to PRRI, the religious group most supportive of gay and lesbian marriage is Buddhists, with 84 percent of the religion’s followers in favour of marriage equality.

They were followed by Jews (77 percent) and people who selected “Other religion” (75 percent). Additionally, more than three-quarters (77 percent) of those who said they are not affiliated to any religion also support same-sex marriage.

The majority of white mainstream Protestants (62 percent) and orthodox Christians (56 percent) support marriage equality. So do Catholics (around 60 percent), despite the Catholic Church’s continued vehement opposition to recognising gay and lesbian marriages.

The religions in which the majority of their members oppose same-sex marriage include Jehovah’s Witnesses (75 percent), Mormons (68 percent), white evangelical Protestants (66 percent), Hispanic Protestants (58 percent), and black Protestants (54 percent).

Dr. Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRRI, said that the findings confirm that “America is in the midst of a religious, ethnic and cultural sea change.”

The US Supreme Court is expected to begin oral hearings on the issues of same-sex marriage next week, which could result in it finally legalising marriage equality across the nation.

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